Thursday, November 20, 2014

Turning It Around

A Muslim fool threatened a woman and her response is not what he planned on: This was his threat: “I'm going to kill you when I find you. Don't think I won't; I know where you and your parents live and all I'll need is one phone call to kill you all.” Instead of cowering and hiding, she told him to “bring it.” She even gave him her address “so he wouldn’t have to find her.” And she told him to be sure and wear body armor because she “has some new ammo she wants to try out.” I love this lady already, and I haven’t even seen her. She shows the kind of “backbone” Americans have, that people in most Muslim-run countries don’t have. That’s why they have so little trouble subjugating them. They won’t find it so easy, here. You can read her entire response at News Max (link below). I think it’s priceless, and guaranteed to make a Muslim terrorist crap his pants in anger and resentment that a mere WOMAN would say such things to him, a MAN! At least, he has the right plumbing to be a man, though I doubt he’s a man in reality if he can’t do anything better than threaten a woman, who basically tells him to “screw off.” (Freedom Outpost)

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