Saturday, November 29, 2014

Facebook Bans Gun Safety

They stopped a gun store from advertising a gun safety class “because it linked back to a place that sold guns.” In their message about it, it said, “This decision is final. Please consider this the final message about your ad. In other words, they’re KING, and there’s no chance of appeal of their decision. Don't ask. Maybe that gun store should just close their Facebook account and tell them to “go to hell.” That’s what I’d do if something like that happened to me. They need ME. I don’t need THEM. They think they’re “big stuff” who can make their own rules, contrary to common sense. Policies and actions like this will be the “death of them” as more and more people close their accounts because of it. Fortunately, Facebook is not the government, and you can still talk about guns and share photos of them on Facebook—until they decide, in their infinite wisdom, not to allow it. Just don’t try and publish an AD there with ANY connection to guns, no matter how thin. Their stupidity knows no bounds. But then, they’re liberals. What else can you expect? (The Right to Bear)

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