Thursday, November 27, 2014

Open Carry Arrests Reversed

Cops in Texas (TEXAS, of all places) arrested several people (one in a wheelchair) for carrying TOY guns in September, but they didn’t charge them with carrying guns. They “got around that by charging them with that “catch-all” charge, “disturbing the peace,” even though the only people there disturbing the peace were the cops, who were overreacting to a DEMONSTRATION against gun laws. (You know, “disturbing the peace” could be anything from running around killing people to farting in public, at the discretion of the enforcer).This charge is designed to allow the cop to arrest ANYBODY, for ANYTHING, or NOTHING. Just because he wants to. They could call it “contempt of cop” and that would be right. But elections mean something. Those seven have had all charges dropped. Did you know that THIRTY states allow open carry WITHOUT a permit required?

And only SIX states don’t allow open carry at all (but at least one , Florida, makes getting a permit easier). FOURTEEN states allow open carry with a permit. That tells me many politicians are “getting wise” to the fact that America does not want those oppressive gun laws that only keep HONEST people unnamed, while doing NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, from getting, and carrying their illicit guns. Maybe someday ALL politicians will learn that their laws don’t work and start thinking about passing laws that DO. But I’m not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn’t appeal to me. The “hard core” gun-grabbers aren’t amenable to reason. They just want to DISARM Americans, for ANY reason, or no REASON at all. (Gun Watch)

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