Friday, November 14, 2014

More Evidence

That “gun-free zones” don’t work. Moms Against Guns (or some such) pressured Kroger to make their stores “gun-free zones.” They caved, and here we see a report of a man being shot in a Kroger parking lot (How is that possible if guns are banned from Kroger property?). We’re getting so many stories about people getting shot in “gun-free zones,” that even in the dim minds of the anti-gun fools there should be some kind of realization. But there is not. They claim this is so rare that it makes no difference. But if there were only ONE instance, this shows conclusively that “gun-free zones” just do not work. But the anti-gun freaks never listen to facts—their minds are already made up. They’re not going to be deterred by facts. We got rid of a few of these dolts in the last election, but way too many remain, and will keep on making their inane laws that do nothing but provide more and more UNARMED VICTIMS for the illegally-armed criminals to victimize. (Guns Save Lives)

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