Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"We Won't Comply!"

Washington State citizens have PROMISED to ignore the newly passed “I-594” law to demand registration of ALL firearms transfers, even between family members and friends—which itself violates a previous, still in effect law. That means if you LOAN your gun to a friend or family member at a shooting range, you have to register that transfer. [T]he law is so ridiculous, burdensome and convoluted that it is unenforceable.” And most of the sheriffs have promised not to enforce it. TPNN (Tea Party News Network) advises readers to obey proper laws. But a law that is in violation of the second Amendment is NOT a “proper law, and this one will be practically IMPOSSIBLE to enforce. I predict that “wiser heads will prevail” and that law will soon be repealed, as unenforceable and illegal. (TPNN)

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