Thursday, November 20, 2014

Restaurants That Allow Guns

“Would you go into a restaurant that allows its patrons to bring their guns in?” Yes; ABSOLUTELY! Criminals bring their guns into restaurants every day, without fanfare or the knowledge of the other patrons. And if they feel threatened, they will take them out and shoot somebody. Crazies will come into a restaurant without regard to it banning guns within, because they don’t OBEY laws, regulations, or rules. I don’t worry about RESPONSIBLE gun owners bringing their guns into that restaurant, because I know they will be there to oppose those criminals if they choose to “shoot up” that restaurant—and the very POSSIBILITY of such armed people being there will make potential mass shooters think TWICE before doing it. The “fallacy of thought” that causes such a question to even be asked is obvious to the INTELLIGENT. But not to anti-gun fools, who don’t fit that description. (Personal Liberty)

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