Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No Talk About Constitution

That’s what Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Vance told a caller when she asked him about enforcing unconstitutional laws. But whether or not he wants to talk about the Constitution, he’d better, because it is the BASIS for every law in the land and enforcing the laws he’s supporting is in VIOLATION of it. Earlier he asked her, “What does the Constitution have to do with this?” That’s really a stupid question, because the Constitution has EVERYTHING to do with this. At one point, he told her, “I’m the master!” What a stupid jerk this is! How he ever got to be a Lieutenant in the State Police tells me it isn’t hard to do for stupid people. The cop said his remarks were “taken out of context,” but I have to ask, what is “out of context” about “We’re the masters?” or “What does the Constitution have to do with this?” Damn, this guy is really STUPID! (World NetDaily)

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