Sunday, November 9, 2014

What's He Gonna do?

Come down accompanied by men with guns? Actor and anti-gun fool Will Ferrell came down HARD on a gun store that ran an ad featuring his “elf” character. He had his lawyers send them a “cease and desist” order (which I assume came from a court or a lawyer) which implies that if they did not stop running that ad, “men with guns” would come and hurt them, one way or another. The hypocrisy is obvious. But then, other anti-gun fools running around with their own guns as Sen. Feinstein does, or with paid ARMED security, as many other anti-gun politicians do, is hypocrisy personified. They’re losing, and they know it. so they’re getting very “hyper,” reacting strongly to anything they can. Barack Obama, the top gun-grabber in the land, himself “ran guns” to the Mexican drug cartels under the FICTION that it was so he could “trace” them, but with no device on them to ALLOW them to be traced—except when one of them is found at a murder scene (which many of them have been). It was one of the most transparent CONS ever run by a crooked president. (The Right to Bear)

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