Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Finding Something"

“They’re working hard to find SOMETHING to arrest me for.” That’s what an open carry activist in Alabama said when they arrested him for LEGALLY openly carrying his gun into a polling place. There is no law specifically banning the open carrying of a gun into a polling place in Alabama, but the cops don’t like it, so they arrest him on a “trumped-up charge” not even related to carrying the gun. He was arrested for “voting obstruction,” (how did he obstruct voting?) and “firearms at a demonstration (WHAT demonstration? They were VOTING!).” I don’t think they ever intended it to go to court, because he was released later and they knew it wouldn't stick. They just wanted to harass him for openly carrying his gun into a polling place. That’s what they do when the laws go against them. Harass anybody who actually DOES what he has a RIGHT to do, charging him with “crimes” not related to his exercising his rights. (Last Resistance)

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