Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tilting toward Terrorists

Taking guns away from honest, responsible people not only kills people, it “tilts the playing field” in favor of Islamic terrorists, who are coming into this country by the hundreds, even thousands, every day, through Obama’s “porous Southern border.” For some reason most people don’t understand (though I do, even if people don’t believe me) Obama seems bent on getting as many of us killed as he can. Either by making us defenseless against from-grown criminals with their illegally=obtained guns, or to Islamic terrorists who are bent on killing EVERY person who does not believe exactly the same way they do—or by importing Ebola patients for treatment here when they could just as well be treated where they are, using our technology and skills, without endangering Americans. Sending 4,000 American citizens (soldiers) who have NO knowledge of how to stop Ebola over there to “fight Ebola” and present themselves to be infected, I guarantee it will get some of them killed. Everything he does seems to be aimed at killing Americans. Don’t believe me? Look at what he does on a daily basis. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

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