Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Outdated" Second Amendment

That’s what this liberal calls it. Of COURSE, she is a professor at a liberal university and lives in an “ivory tower,” knowing NOTHING about the real world. “Mary Margaret Penrose, a full time professor of Law with Texas A&M University, has called for the full repeal of the Second Amendment.” She thinks it is “outdated.” Although how she arrives at that opinion is a mystery to me. But then, the thinking of ALL liberals is a mystery to me. I wonder what part of “shall not be infringed” people like this just don’t understand? She says the enumerated right to carry a firearm is responsible for all the gun violence in America. Never mind, almost ALL of the “gun violence” is committed by people who HAVE no right to have a gun, being criminals, felons, and/or minor children in gangs. Like most ignorant liberals, she thinks CRIMINALS will OBEY the laws she wants to pass, and the Constitution prevents her from passing them. She just can’t understand that criminals and crazies don’t CARE about anti-gun laws. They’re out to violate the law, anyway. So why care about piddling anti-gun laws? (Town Hall)

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