Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voting Today?

Don’t think your vote doesn’t count. Vote-stealers steal every single vote they can, and your no-vote (if you oppose Democrats and gun-grabbers) counts as a vote for THEM. Meanwhile, the gun-grabbers are working “night and day” to limit your access to self defense and the means to it, a gun. They will continue to do so as long as your vote (or lack of it) keeps them in office. Last year, a Democrat poll worker (Melowese Richardson, in Hamilton County, Ohio) was sentenced to five years in prison for voting FIVE TIMES. A few months later her sentence was reduced to probation (they don’t say, but I’d BET it was by a Democrat-appointed judge after Democrat activists reacted) and she appeared at a Democrat fund-raiser and got a STANDING OVATION. Al Sharpton even gave her a hug. I can guarantee you they didn’t reduce Obama’s vote count by the number of fraudulent votes she cast. If you’re against the kind of “gun control” current gun-grabbers favor, you’d BETTER vote, or what you get, you bring on yourself. (Cincinnati .com)

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