Monday, November 17, 2014

"We Need More School Shootings!"

That’s what a Democrat billionaire gun-grabber (Nick Hanauer, Seattle billionaire) thinks. Apparently he wants more children KILLED in order to promote his gun-grabbing aspirations. Which shows that gun-grabbers don’t care about the VICTIMS of gun violence as long as it helps them promote their “flights of fancy.” Maybe ALL anti-gun fools aren’t this crass, but this one is. And there’s no telling how many gun grabbers agree with him. What kind of fool WISHES for more children to be killed so he can have it easier to pass his useless gun bills into law? Laws that INCREASE gun violence by taking guns away from HONEST people? How STUPID is this way of thinking? This comment came in a Facebook posting by Hanauer, which was quickly removed when the pressure against it built. If a pro-gun person had said this, it would have been a “news sensation” for days. But a rich DEMOCRAT gun grabber said it, so the liberal media ignores it. Funny: I thought Democrats hated rich people. (World Net Daily)

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