Monday, November 10, 2014

Is It A Mandate?

It’s now being said that the voters gave Republicans a MANDATE to get rid of gun control as we know it, today. I hope that’s true. Somebody once said, “Gun control is me controlling any gun in the area.” That’s probably more true than anything else. If there is a gun in any area, I want to control it so it can’t be turned in my direction. But is it a “mandate?” Probably; the people who voted this new Congress in are peopled by (hopefully) pro-gun people, and I’d like to think that one of their goals is PROPER gun control, which means guns in the hands of honest people to CONTROL those in the hands of criminals. In any case, I’d hope Republicans work toward INTELLIGENT gun control, which doesn’t mean eliminating guns, but making sure they’re in the right hands. (Breitbart)

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