Monday, November 24, 2014

Promoting Racism

Talk about PROMOTING RACISM! “[S]tudents at the University of Pennsylvania held a ceremonial funeral on Friday afternoon for ‘black and brown bodies’ oppressed by 'the evils of capitalism and the racism of police officers'. Forget about all the police officers, white AND brown, who have been killed by illegal gun-wielding black criminals. I guess if you want to promote racism, you can just ignore things like that, as liberals and gun-grabbers usually do. This kind of thing always enrages me because it is SO unnecessary, and only serves to “whip up passions” that really need no “whipping up,” as witness the riots in Ferguson, MO, over the killing of a large, out-of-control black thug while he was trying to kill a white policeman. What enrages me is that the people who do this never think about such things before they “whip up” such passions. (Minuteman News)

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