Friday, November 14, 2014

Holstered Gun Kills Woman

Anti-gun fools keep saying only cops have the know-how to use a gun, and so they should be the only ones allowed to carry them. I’m beginning to doubt that in the case of some cops. This one, in particular, who claims a woman came up behind him and shot herself after grabbing his holstered gun. Several questions remain, the most important one is how did the gun get pointed at HER before it fired? It was in an inside-the-belt holster designed to PREVENT accidental discharge. The second question is, why would she DO such a thing? This article did not say this woman was “at gunpoint” or under investigation for anything. So why did she “grab for the gun,” if, indeed, she did? I’m not a “cop hater,” but I think this cop pulled his gun when he felt somebody reaching for it (if, indeed, she did) and reacted, shooting her. For some reason, it got into his hand and fired, killing this girl. I wonder if this particular cop was sufficiently trained in how to SAFELY operate a gun, and if he completely screwed up and is now blaming the victim. (WXYZ Detroit)

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