Saturday, November 22, 2014

Harris-Teeter Gives "Moms" the Finger

You’ve probably never heard of Harris-Teeter unless you live in North Carolina or another Southern state, but they’re a big grocery chain there. “Moms Against Guns” (or some such) told them to stop letting people carrying legal guns carry them into their stores, and they replied quickly that “We have no intention of changing our policy regarding guns or the carrying thereof in our stores.” Which I’m sure pissed “Moms” off mightily. They think you shouldn’t oppose “Moms,” I guess. Other large chains (such as Kroger) have similarly told them to “:go to hell,” and I’m sure that pissed them off, too. They think such things should be handled by lawmakers, not retailers. Maybe outfits like CVC Drug Stores should feel the same way about smoking. They recently announced their decision to stop selling any kind of smoking products, therefore telling their customers they would make their decisions about smoking FOR them. (Breitbart)

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