Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gun-Grabbers Pissed

Texas has become the 45th state to legalize “open carry” and the new governor has said he will sign the law. Now “Moms against Guns (or some such) and other anti-gun fools have their “panties in a twist.” They think their wishes should supercede those of lawmakers all over the country, I guess. Colorado is one of those states, but you wouldn’t think so, considering the new laws being made by our anti-gun legislature and signed by the governor. Anti-gun fools keep flailing at stopping American citizens from being able to carry the means for self-protection against those ILLEGALLY-armed criminals that abound in our society, apparently being serenely unaware that a majority of people in this country disagree with them. Maybe someday they’ll wake up to reality. Probably not. They aren’t smart enough to figure out reality. (Breitbart)

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