Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gun-Grabbers At Fault

Recently, a ten-year-old boy was killed by cops who shot withut thinking when they saw a “gun-shaped object” in his hand. It turned out to be  TOY gun; something many small boys have in their hands as the play ”cops and robbers.” For a cop to shoot so quick is due to the influence of the gun grabbers, who have made so many people so frightened of what is an inanimate object until it finds its way into the hands of a criminal or a crazy. The basic fault is with that cop who killed this BOY unnecessarily. But maybe he wouldn’t have been so quick on the trigger without all the propaganda put out by anti-gun fools in their efforts to disarm ALL honest Americans, all the time knowing their useless laws will do NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who OBEY no laws. (The Truth About Guns)

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