Monday, November 17, 2014

"The Emerging American Police State"

This is being reinforced by their activities. We have a Constitution that is the BASIS for every law or regulation in the land. NO law or regulation can violate this document, no matter how much Obama disagrees, in his position as a self-described “constitutional scholar.” Example: Brandon Howard was exercising his First and Second Amendment rights (while legally carrying two guns, which he did not point at ANYBODY) when he stood on a highway over pass with a banner that read, “Impeach Obama.” Cops forced him to the ground at gunpoint, arrested him, and took him to jail, on spurious charges. Cops work HARD to discourage citizens from carrying guns, though it is unquestionably LEGAL for them to do so. Meanwhile, the cops have no such restrictions placed on them, and get a “slap on the wrist if they misuse their guns.

One of the arresting officers was heard to ask, “What are you doing threatening people on my Interstate?” What he doesn’t realize is it is NOT “his” Interstate. It belongs to the taxpayers, of which Howard is one. And just carrying his legally-owned guns does NOT “threaten” anybody. “A complaint has been filed in U.S. District Court in Richmond on behalf of Brandon Howard over ‘the unlawful arrest and detention’ in violation of the First, Second, Fourth and 14th Amendments. Howard was protesting Barack Obama’s presidency, calling for his impeachment, while legally carrying two guns, according to the complaint filed by the Rutherford Institute.” (World Net Daily)

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