Sunday, November 16, 2014

"From Our cold, Dead Hands"

The cops are now preparing to take guns “from the cold hands” of the dead. They’re coming to the homes of people who have died and “confiscating” (stealing) their lawfully-owned guns. “That old saying about someone prying a gun from ‘cold dead hands’ has taken on a whole new meaning in Buffalo, New York, where officials say they will cross-reference the names of those who register handguns and obituaries in an attempt to keep weapons off the streets. What they’ll do is go to the family if someone with a pistol permit has died and confiscate the gun or guns.” There is no law on the books to allow this. There cannot be, since it is an unconstitutional act. “This is tantamount to dancing on someone’s grave and it amounts to taking property without due process or probable cause.” It is illegal on its face, and those cops should know it.

But apparently the “police politicians” in Buffalo don’t know it—or simply don’t care. “ 'This is the kind of behavior one might expect in a police state, but not the United States,' Gottlieb [Alan Gottlieb, of "Citizen's Committee for the right to Keep and Bear Arms"] said. ‘But it proves that the anti-gun mindset knows no boundaries. From now on, no gun control zealot will be able to dismiss and ridicule the concerns of law-abiding firearms owners that there is no reason to fear gun registration, no matter what form it takes. This explains why gun owners are opposed to registration and other forms of record-keeping and permit laws’." (World Net Daily)

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