Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why Don't They Learn?

Anti-gun fools are never deterred in their quest to DISARM the American people when the laws the get passed cause death and destruction by taking guns away from HONEST people, leaving the way wide open for CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, to victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. Surely, they're not that ignorant or stupid. There must be another reason why they ignore common sense in the laws they get passed in SPITE of sure proof they pass USELESS laws. That purpose is clear to me. They want to eventually come for what's yours, and they don't want you to be able to repulse them when they do. That's the ONLY reason I can see for taking your guns away, in opposition to the constitutional guarantee that we have a RIGHT to be armed. They refuse to see that their laws are USELESS in reducing gun violence because that's not their intention, at all. That's their story and they're “stickin' to it. (Just common sense)

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