Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Wromg direction

The article linked here is anti-gun. It talks about “random gun violence” that goes unreported because it is mostly “gang-related.” That's code for “it will never be solved,” just as “mob related” used to mean. It blames “the easy availability of guns” for the problem, but ignores completely the fact that the guns used in all cases are ALL illegally owned and carried, usually by kids too young to be ALLOWED guns, in the first place. The shootings cited are NOT shootings done by LEGAL gun owners in defense of their lives and families as they defend themselves against these underage gang members. They emphasize the fact that the “reasons” for most of the shootings are unimportant, hoping to build an image of shootings in the general population (including legal gun owners) for trivial reasons. They fail to note that most of the offenders are too young to be able to figure out the difference between right and wrong, and are subject to the “gang culture,” which values “face” above all else, and are willing to kill for the most trivial slights, real or imagined. Adults and honest, law-abiding people are not subject to this culture. But, being “gun-haters,” they can't see this. All the violence cited here is done using ILLEGAL guns, not guns registered to their owners or that have gun locks or trigger locks. As usual, they're aiming in the wrong direction. (Tampa Bay Times)

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