Saturday, May 21, 2016

I'm Mad, Too!

The writer of the article linked here is angry at the state of journalism these days. That, no longer can you find an unbiased reporter in any newsroom. All of them have an agenda, true, or not. That's why he got out, and went into Internet reporting, where he could write the truth, without being overruled by an editor with an agenda. I've always been in Internet reporting, for the same reason. The lack of objectivity in the liberal media is the very reason I started my blogs—to do what I can to “go around” the biased reporting out there. One thing that makes me angry too, is the fact that anti-gun fools not only look at things wrong, they INSIST on it, and think they're the only ones right—while they're not. They have their blinders firmly fixed. They think the USELESS laws their friends pass, supposedly to “stem gun violence” are “the cat's pajamas,” and we're some kind of stupid to oppose them. In reality, THEY are the stupid ones for thinking what they call “gun safety laws” actually help. They do not. And they will not listen to common sense when we tell them that. Their opinions are “set in stone.” Meanwhile, they call their abortions of laws “common sense laws,” when they're anything but. It makes me angry that these biased people have a platform, from which to spout their horse manure, and that does have an effect. It gets people killed, both from ignorance about what REAL “gun control” would be, and because, unbeknownst to them, makes it easier for ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize law-abiding people. (USCCA)

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