Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No Guns, Now Pot

San Francisco's last gun shop is closing. And it's being replaced by a “pot shop.” Apparently, the restrictions on selling pot aren't as “draconian” as they are on selling guns. So now, instead of selling guns to legal gun buyers, it will sell POT to misguided kids who just want to get high, and will STEAL the money to buy it if they don't have it. They CALL it “medicinal pot," but how many kids who want to get high will “come up with” medical excuses to buy it? How they figure this improves the safety of San Francisco residents is a mystery—to everybody EXCEPT the liberal fools running things in that city. Now the cops and security agencies that offer armed security will have to go outside SF to get their guns, and bring them right back into SF. Meanwhile, CRIMINALS will go to the same ILLEGAL gun seller in a back alley somewhere (in SF), and buy their guns out of the trunk of his car (or steal them), since he is not affected by this misguided situation fostered by anti-gun FOOLS. (NY Daily News)

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