Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Obama's White Flag?

The fact that 14 AGs wanted DC to fund research into “gun violence” so they could make more and tighter “gun control laws,” and “Ol' Joe” replied that that probably wasn't going to happen because he didn't think they'd get much done on gun control in the time Obama has left. Do you believe that? Remember, this is Ol' Joe saying this, not Obama. And even if Obama himself said it, I'd believe it when I saw NO ACTION in that direction for the remainder of his “reign.” Obama's a pathological liar. Remember, “Ol' Joe” was the guy who told people to shoot “warning shots” with a shotgun. Something that a few people who followed his suggestion got into serious trouble doing. Now he's telling them that, if they suspected a criminal was at the door, they should “shoot him through the door” without even knowing who it is. That this could result in the death of many innocent people goes without saying. Joe is not too smart in some of his pronouncements. He blamed the current lack of action toward taking away our guns on a “dysfunctional Congress.” Not on the stiff opposition from the American people, who enjoy constitutional protection from such action. (Washington Times)

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