Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No, We're NOT

The writer of the article linked here says, “Americans are being duped by the NRA.” Actually, we're NOT. The NRA teaches gun safety courses, and courses on safe gun handling and storage. They teach kids about guns, emphasizing the fact that they're NOT TOYS, and not to be “played with,” which has saved many lives—which the usual “an item that shall not be named” policy of anti-gun fools does not. In fact, that policy INCREASES the killing of one child by another, who, without instruction, doesn't understand that a real gun is not a CAP gun. And they spend a lot of time and money opposing the UNCONSTITUTIONAL efforts of anti-gun fool politicians to make existing guns USELESS, since they can't just BAN them. Politicians are constantly trying to “get around” this constitutional prohibition on DISARMING the populace, and this article is just one such effort. While the NRA isn't the only organization to oppose them, it is the most influential—which is why the anti-gun fools try so hard to discredit them. (The Guardian)

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