Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gabby's Stone Stupid

That bullet must have really “scrambled her brain” because now she's saying, “Background checks aren't enough, we need gun confiscation.” Never mind gun confiscation is unconstitutional, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. What makes her think we can just “bypass” that to confiscate guns after passing out a “special protective order” is beyond me. I guess she thinks they can make issuing ANY kind of a “protective order” can be used as an excuse to confiscate people's guns. Of course, protective orders are “passed out like candy to kids” by most courts. My own son was the subject of one years ago, on the unsupported word of his first wife, whom he NEVER assaulted, even if she richly deserved it. Fortunately, a protective order wasn't used as a reason to confiscate his guns at the time, and he kept his job as an armed security guard—which was her target. I'm really glad Gabby isn't able to actively pass any laws today, because she is patently unable to understand the laws of this country. She's just plain incompetent. (Breitbart)

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