Sunday, May 15, 2016

"It's Racism!"

It really amazes me the abysmally STUPID things that are thought and said by some of our elected representatives. There ought to be proof of intelligence requirements people must pass before being ALLOWED to run for an office that involves making, OR enforcing laws. This particular one, Kimberly Gardner, a Missouri state representative, is commenting on “gun control” legislation in that state. She says, “constitutional carry is racism.” Where she gets that is a mystery. Maybe she actually BELIEVES the BS put out by Obama, for whom EVERYTHING that disagrees with him is racism. And we KNOW citizens owning and using guns is against his policies. They SAY racism today is “on the rise.” But that's only because Obama has significantly widened the DEFINITION of just what IS racism. It's not that racism really IS “on the rise.” It's because they are now defining everything they can think of as racism. In any case, this ditzy broad is deluded, and crazy as a bedbug, and should be removed from office before she can do more damage. (Truth About Guns)

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