Sunday, May 1, 2016

Violating the Constitution

What do you do when a presidential candidate PLEDGES to violate the Constitution on her first day ion office (IF she ever makes it to the Oval Office, that is)? The answer is obvious. You vote against her and, if she wins anyway, and carries out her pledge, you IMPEACH her. Hillary is like a lot of politicians, mostly Democrats, who think they have a lot more power than they do, and think they can just VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION at will.  The founders added the Second Amendment for a good reason: there will always be a deranged  demigod like Hillary who thinks running things AGAINST the will of the people is their right. They're wrong. Which is why Obama has FAILED miserably to do what she PROMISES to do during his two terms. Americans are a free people, despite what Democrats think. It is our RIGHT to be armed in self-defense, whether of not Democrats think so. We (not me) have elected far too many fools like Hillary in the past, and we need to ELIMINATE all candidates who threaten to go against that right. (Breitbart)

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