Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hillary's Futile Fight

Hillary has signaled that she is going to “fight the futile fight” her husband lost, and Obama lost, to disarm the American people. Democrats always think they can “bypass” the Constitution on many issues, chiefly the issue of gun ownership for honest, law abiding people. They insist on passing the same USELESS laws as the last, ignorant politician (mostly Democrats), and if they DO manage to get their pipe dream laws passed (for a time, until declared unconstitutional), they won't do a single thing to “curb gun violence.” All they'll do is make it easier for criminals, who don't OBEY laws, to victimize law-abiding people, who DO obey laws, even if they're stupid laws. She'll “flail about” for a while, just as Bill and Obama did, then whine about “the American people” not cooperating in their disarmament. Then she'll go on to something else for a while then, with big fanfare, make another attempt on our constitutional gun rights. And lose again. It's a sure thing. (Reason)

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