Saturday, May 14, 2016

Chicago Overwhelmed

The City of Chicago, Illinois, which has such tight “gun control laws” they are regularly being deemed unconstitutional by the courts, have so many gun deaths in their city that only about 11% actually get investigated. There just aren't enough hours in the day to investigate them all, nor enough cops to be ABLE to investigate them all. So a large number of gun murders go uninvestigated, and the killers go unpunished. Chicago is a prime example of how today's “gun laws” not only don't work, they actually PROMOTE gun crime. The anti-gun fools have no idea what to do about that, so they just keep on making their USELESS gun laws, that only DISARM honest people, and get them killed, while criminals run free and use their illegally-gotten guns to victimize unarmed law-abiding people. Maybe we need to start getting guns the same way they do. I'm sure the criminals who sell their illegal guns don't care who they sell them to. (Breitbart)

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