Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Ending Gun Violence"

A testament to stupidity in the minds of anti-gun fools is the “March To End Gun Violence” in Champaign, Illinois. They really think such marches will have an effect! They went door-to-door in a high crime area and gave out soap samples and such, while praying to (not with) the residents. The illegally-armed criminals in that area must have been having a good laugh. These “marches” are just as futile as all the other ideas anti-gunners have to stop gun violence, starting with “registering guns.” Criminals, who get their guns ILLEGALLY, don't register their guns so that does NOTHING except give the government lists of legal gun owners to use when the time comes for them to come and take them. I would say I can't believe people are so stupid as to think these “dog and pony shows” will have any effect on the “gun violence” they SAY is increasing, while is is going down, and has been for many years, but all their ideas have proven futile and they don't know it. It's just publicized more, today, except they keep happening while nothing happens as a result. (Fox Illinois)

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