Friday, May 27, 2016

Blood On Obama's Hands

Obama is the worst serial killer ever! And that's a fact. He masterminded “Fast & furious,” which was supposed to be the same as Bush's scheme that didn't work because the Mexicans found, and removed the GPS devices from the guns, so he stopped it. Then Obama did it again, this time not even bothering to put in GPS devices. What he hoped to accomplish, is strange. What he DID accomplish was 68 killings, in Mexico AND the U. S., and 20 MASS MURDERS. All that is blood on Obama's hands. This in ADDITION to the people who have died because of his other stupid policies. His stated goal was to point out the guns that were sold by U. S. gun stores and used in MEXICAN crime. To do so, he coerced U. S. gun stores to sell to “straw buyers” they ordinarily wouldn't even talk to. People they'd throw out of their stores. It was a scheme to paint the U. S. gun stores as selling guns that wound up doing Mexican crimes, so he could “strengthen gun laws” in the United States. It failed on all counts, because he was “found out” and his scam was publicized. Did that stop him? No. He may nor be selling guns to the Mexican drug lords any more, but he has never addressed the questions asked about it. No doubt the numbers would be even higher if we could depend on Mexican numbers. (Truth About Guns)

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