Friday, May 20, 2016

Going Gun Stupid

In Brighton, Colorado, they're so panicked about guns that the “school authorities” suspended a FIVE-YEAR-OLD student under their “zero tolerance for guns” policy for bringing a transparent BUBBLE gun to school. Terrible to think that a student might be struck by an errant BUBBLE! What the HELL are these people THINKING? I used to think some of the “school authorities” in my school were “half a bubble off plumb,” but these people truly ARE. Anybody who thinks a BUBBLE GUN is dangerous needs to be “:put away,” themselves. Their dangerous STUPIDITY will get somebody (maybe their students, maybe themselves) hurt. I can't believe the rampant STUPIDITY that I SEE among today's “school authorities.” And these are the ignorant people who are running our children's schooling! (Twitchy)

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