Monday, May 23, 2016

Two-Man "Backlash"

Politico says there is a “backlash” in the NRA against the endorsement of the NRA for Donald Trump for president. Out of FIVE MILLION members, TWO are against it, so Politico declares that as “a backlash.” They're really getting desperate. Folks! TWO out of FIVE MILLION is NOT a “backlash.” If only two people out of that many oppose an action it could be expected. There is NO ACTION an organization can take that will please 100% of its members. They're really reaching for ANYTHING they can find, to discredit the NRA. But it won't work. Americans, especially NRA members, are too intelligent to buy their lies. Intelligence always wins out, but the anti-gun fools aren't intelligent enough to realize that. (Breitbart)

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