Sunday, May 8, 2016

"They Want To Rape Me!"

The leader of the “Moms Against guns (or some such), Shannon Watts, thinks all men want to rape her because she wants to disarm them. Sounds like she has a little bit of “puffed up importance,” to me. Sitting in my chair is one guy who wouldn't rape her, even with somebody else's equipment. She's just not that “hot.” Where she gets that idea, I don't know. Maybe the same place she gets the LIES she tells about guns. If the news media didn't prop her up, she'd be a “small voice in the wilderness” with her silly ideas about gun control that are aimed in the wrong direction (the ideas, not the guns). The “problem” is not with LEGAL gun owners. It's with ILLEGAL gun owners, who don't bother to obey the silly laws she gets passed. Maybe if she ever came up with some LOGICAL gun laws, somebody might be interested in listening to her. But that'll never happen. She isn't intelligent enough. She claims to have been inundated with death threats. But, as usual with liberals, she can't provide any EVIDENCE that's true. We're expected to just take her word for it. (Breitbart)

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