Monday, May 16, 2016

Couric Is Deluded

She is now saying that, “The claim that armed good guys with guns can stop bad guys is a specious argument.” Is it? Then why are there so many stories in non-liberal news sources on it happening, every day? In Chicago recently, with it's very tight “gun laws,” an ILLEGALLY-armed thug was robbing a convenience store and threatening a clerk with death when a LEGALLY armed customer shot him to death. Specious argument, huh? Maybe you oughta do a little honest research, for a change, Katie. Then maybe you'd know the truth, and stop telling LIES. There are stories like that in the news every day. Just not in the places YOU read. They're in HONEST news sources, which you DON'T read. Wake up to reality, Katie. You're supposed to know of what you speak, and you're miserably ignorant. (Breitbart)

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