Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rushing To Be Stupid

The liberals want men to be able to go into women's restrooms and changing rooms where women are sometimes naked, or near naked, and liberal politicians everywhere are RUSHING to be stupid and make provision for their friends' stupidity to become common. In St. Paul. Minnesota, the Johnson High School has designated ALL restrooms as “gender neutral.” Changing rooms are not mentioned, but I can only think they are included. So men who SAY they “think” they're women can enter and drool over the young, high school age girls in their naked or partly naked state—IF the girls continue to BE naked, knowing this. Of course, ALL schools are “gun-free zones,” so “bad guys” are going to bring their guns in, knowing there will probably not be any guns there that they don't know about, to oppose their murderous intentions.  (Pioneer Press)

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