Saturday, May 21, 2016

Journal of Stupid Questions

Anti-gun fools have a real long list of stupid questions they ask. One is, “Why would a teacher need a gun in school?” The question itself shows a complete lack of knowledge about mass shootings that have occurred in schools. A derivative of that same question is, “Why would ANYBODY need to carry a gun?” Again, simply asking that question shows a complete ignorance of reality. A teacher in a school was found to be assaulted and sent to the hospital recently. If he had had a gun, that might not have happened. People on the street are subject to being mugged by ILLEGAL gun-wielding thugs, at any time, especially if they're aged, which young thugs view as “easy targets.” I'm “pushing 80,” and I've never been mugged—yet. But knowing young thugs view me as an “easy target,” I know it's only a matter of time before one of them targets me. And that will be his last mistake. There are other things that can help guys like me to be able to react, and I have most of them. (Time)

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