Friday, May 13, 2016

Happens Every Day

The anti-gun fools keep telling us that private ownership of guns is futile because it won't help in reducing gun violence. That we are more apt to shoot ourselves than a robber. But the fact that they're not only wrong, but STUPIDLY wrong is evinced every day with stories like the one linked below. This private citizen reduced “gun violence” a little bit by killing an ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminal. And statistics show that criminals kill fewer people when their intended victims have killed them. This happened in Texas, where a well-known motto is, “Don't Mess With Texas.” And it's a good idea not to. One shooting such as this won't “reduce gun violence” by much, but every little bit helps. Multiply this by it happening somewhere every day, and it will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce gun violence. So much for the LIES of the anti-gun fools. (Gun Watch)

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