Sunday, May 8, 2016

Smart Gun Jammers

Have you ever seen an electronic weapon that can't be jammed? Electronic devices work on radio waves from one point to another. In the case of the Smart Gun, it's from the gun to a wrist watch-like device, and back. All somebody who wants to prevent your “Smart Gun” from firing needs to do is figure out how to interfere with the signal that goes between these devices. And you can bet there are plenty of people smart enough to do that, and make your “Smart gun” a “dumb gun” and unable to fire. You can also depend on the fact that the GOVERNMENT will have some of those people working for them, so THEY can make your gun USELESS on demand. I'm sure they know this, and are working HARD toward that end. They can't just BAN guns, so they make them useless in our hands, while theirs remain fully functional. Of course, what better way to take away our guns than to REQUIRE all guns to BE “smart guns": and in one “fell swoop” make ALL guns not smart guns illegal to own? Liberals are clever. They will always find a way to get around prohibitions on their actions. They will always accomplish their aims in some way. Of course, none of this means anything to those who use ILLEGAL guns, and don't obey laws. They will still have non-electronic guns that can't be jammed by the government, or anyone else. (Truth About Guns)

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