Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Shall Not Be Infringed"

The Constitution clearly states that the right of Americans to be armed “shall NOT be infringed.” It is read to be a ban on stopping people from owning and using firearms in self defense. Anti-gun fools read that as being ONLY a prohibition on banning guns, altogether. So they do everything they can to make life difficult for those who DO buy firearms to use in self defense against those who get theirs ILLEGALLY. Every law they make, such as background checks for ammunition buyers, mandatory gun safes, trigger locks, a requirement to carry an EMPTY GUN in places where concealed carry is “allowed,” ARE an “infringement” on the right of Americans to be armed. “Infringement” doesn't have to be a total BAN on the purchase and use of a firearm. It can take many forms, including applying silly limitations on carrying and using them, so as to make them USELESS. (GOPUSA)

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