Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Flouting the Second Amendment

That's what Washington, DC does on a regular basis. Therefore, they get “slapped down” by the Supreme Court, also on a regular basis. In 2008, the Court struck down a COMPLETE BAN on citizens owning guns as unconstitutional. After that, they enforced a ban on carrying firearms in public, until the Court, in 2014, struck THAT down. They just never learn. And this is the place where ALL our laws are made, and they should know better. But they apparently don't. The anti-gun fools criticize the NRA, which is the most instrumental organization in the country protecting our Second Amendment rights, FOR doing so. They try every scam they can to discredit the NRA, but, so far, they haven't made it. Next, they required citizens to have a “specific reason” to want a “license to carry,” which functioned as an almost complete ban. They're like that game where you hit a figure in one hole with a hammer, and he pops up in a different hole, almost immediately. Shut them down in one scam, and they immediately come up with another. Limiting the law abiding on carrying guns does NOTHING to reduce gun violence, all of which is conducted by CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws. But they'll never learn that, and will continue their efforts to “get around” the prohibition on banning gun rights that is so simple, and prominent in the Constitution. (NRA-ILA)

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