Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gun Laws Don't Work

I'm sure that comes as a big surprise to anti-gun fools, but the amazing thing is that they don't know it, and can't comprehend it. Criminals don't obey laws, while they have a “child-like belief” they'll somehow obey their gun laws. They have an unreasoning hatred of the very idea of private citizens owning, carrying, and using guns in self defense. They think we'll be more likely to shoot ourselves than the “bad guys,” which shows a certain IGNORANCE about the competence of citizen gun owners. They know THEY would be incompetent in gun handling, and assume we will also be incompetent. Of course, all this IGNORES the fact that millions of criminals who live among us are ALREADY armed, with ILLEGALLY-obtained guns. Which is why the common citizen needs their own guns in order to defend themselves against them. If they did, they could significantly reduce gun violence, by killing off the “bad guys” who use their ILLEGAL guns to victimize them now, knowing most of us will not be armed. (AmmoLand)

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