Monday, May 2, 2016

Sponsors Pro-Gun Bills

This guy has a bright future in politics, if he can survive the wrath or his anti-gun colleagues. He has sponsored not one, but TWO pro-gun bills in the Illinois legislature. Rep. Jerry Costello sponsored one to prevent local governments from making gun purchases more expensive by adding a “fee” on top of taxes to gun purchases. Then he added one to allow concealed carry on public transportation, a place where ILLEGAL guns are often used to intimidate and rob, sometimes KILL riders. Both bills are currently in a House Committee. I hope they don't “die” there. We need to elect more intelligent legislators like Costello, instead of the “brain dead” ones we now have, who keep introducing, and passing, many USELESS anti-gun bills that actually PROMOTE gun violence, instead of prevent it. (WSILTV)

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