Thursday, May 12, 2016

Then Who Is Obama?

Rep.Don Beyer, (Democrat, of course) tells us, “Nobody is talking about taking away your guns.” What about Barack Obama? Or Hillary Clinton? Or any number of other anti-gun fools out there including Bloomberg and that scrambled brain female who was shot in the head who ARE TRYING to “take away our guns?” This is a typical attempt by an anti-gun fool to “muddy the waters by “parsing” the words of the anti-gun fools. Yes, they're not talking about “confiscating our guns” because to do so would be unconstitutional. But they ARE doing everything they can to make the guns we DO have USELESS. Just look at what the laws they pass do: gun locks slow down our response time when we're attacked by an ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminal. So do gun safes. In one state they allow concealed carry, but the gun must be UNLOADED. What the hell good is an UNLOADED gun?

In other places, the gun must be stored, unloaded, in almost inaccessible places, with the ammunition in a DIFFERENT PLACE. All designed to slow down our response to an armed attack by someone who doesn't obey laws. That these laws get people killed is without a doubt. Then there are “no gun zones,”: where law-abiding people don't take their guns, but again, criminals, who don't OBEY laws, bring theirs, and victimize those who don't. This fool says, “There's nothing in the Constitution that says gun makers have the right to make guns.” As if they NEEDED constitutional permission to make them. All the Constitution does is guarantee rights, not GIVE them. Gun makers already HAVE the right to make guns. They don't need the Constitution to give them permission. (CNS News)

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