Friday, May 20, 2016

Making Guns Useless

They can't just ban guns. The Constitution, which is the BASIS of all our laws, prohibits it. So what are fearful politicians to do? They can't have private citizens going around with guns in their pockets. That will make it more difficult for their thugs to victimize them. So what can they do? Idea! Make them useless by requiring them to be stored in such a way as to make them useless for defending against criminals (some wearing badges) who come to steal their property, while using their own guns. Further, require “trigger locks”: and separate storage for guns and their bullets! If “concealed carry is allowed, require that the gun be UNLOADED. What the hell good doe an UNLOADED gun do you:? That's a question they refuse to answer. It'll get you killed!The important thing to these frightened politicians is that an unloaded gun is USELESS to you in defending yourself, and that's what they want. They will have successfully “gotten around the Constitution.” (Just common sense)

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