Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Guns In Church?"

In 2015, a “lone wolf” shooting in a church sparked calls for more useless gun laws by anti-gun fools, who used it as a means to raise more money. They're now wondering what can be done to stop fools from coming into churches and killing people. But they ignore the simplest solution: allowing concealed carriers to bring their guns along when they go to church. They did that in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a few years ago, when a man came in to shoot up the church. The concealed carrier who was in the crowd, shot him, preventing any more murders than had happened outside the church on his way in. The main problem is, potential mass killers KNOW that most churches are “no gun zones,” so it's unlikely there will be any guns there to oppose him,. If there were, and it was known, he might decide not to do it. But they panic at the very thought of law-abiding people bringing their guns to church. They think there's no reason to have a gun in the church. Which shows how ignorant they are. In this place at least, pastors are allowed to be armed, but this one was not. The killer was not allowed to own a gun, but that didn't stop him from getting at least one. So it's unlikely more laws would have stopped him. (USCCA)

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