Thursday, May 19, 2016

Nunaya Damned Business!

They're telling doctors to ask you if you have guns, and how many you have. They think they have the right to do that. Of course, with the way Obama ignores our constitutional rights, they make “regulations” not backed by law, to do many things that are unconstitutional. Ant they're enforced until the courts declare them to be so. And they never take back the punishment they imposed. So doctors questioning you about your guns will become common. What should also become common is to tell the doctor, “None of your damned business,” and refuse to answer. The anti-gun fools say that “gun violence is a health issue, so doctors questioning patients about their guns is right and proper.” Which is a typical bunch of horse manure. Whether or not you have a gun at home is none of their damned business, and telling them to ask about it is the government's way of buttressing their already extensive database of gun owners so they can come and get them when they figure out how to get away with it. This article suggests you simply LIE to the doctor. Which works. But I believe it is NOT your doctor's business whether or not you have a gun in your house. And he has NO RIGHT to question you about it. (Hot Air)

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